Category: RasPiGNSS

RasPiGNSS-related product information.

New rpgtools version released

A new version of the rpgtools package is available in the Downloads section. There’s almost no change on the tools itself, but the post installation script now tries to setup the Raspberry Pi also,...

New release of RasPiGNSS tools

A new version of the RasPiGNSS tools has just been released, which now features the addition of a nmeaparse command that provides a live view of the receiver solution status, errors, and satellites in...

RasPiGNSS in stock again

Good news today: the new batch of RasPiGNSS modules arrived today. And even better news: The new RasPiGNSS (codenamed “Cook” after the famous navigator James Cook) now features the new NV08C-CSM version 4.1 hardware...

RasPiGNSS now available

The RasPiGNSS expansion board enabling precise point positioning tasks for the Raspberry Pi minicomputer is now in stock and available for ordering. Please see the RasPiGNSS pages for features, specifications, pricing, and ordering information.