New Antennas specifically suited for the RasPiGNSS “Betelgeuse”

We added a couple of new antennas to our webshop, which are specifically suited for the RasPiGNSS “Betelgeuse”, as they support all the GNSS frequency bands that the “Betelgeuse” is capable of receiving and processing. Apart from the standard GPS L1, GLONASS G1, GALILEO E1, and BeiDou B1 frequency bands, its ability to receive and utilize the GALILEO E5b band makes this receiver stand out among comparable dual-frequency GNSS receivers.

We have chosen a curated set of Tallysman antennas that perfectly match the capabilities of the “Betelgeuse”: The Tallysman TW-3887 with its open-frame design is best suited for custom builds of GNSS RTK base stations or high-precision rovers, whereas the Tallysman TW-8889 with its robust industry-grade housing provides excellent satellite signal reception for high-precision RTK rovers in adverse environments.

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