• AeroSpatial based in Alexandria/Australia uses our RasPiGNSS expansion board for precise drone navigation in RTK mode. Chris Kelly, Director operations of AeroSpatial says: “We are so pleased with your unit! We have received repeatable position accuracy of 4mm by 4mm by 10mm in comparison with a survey grade Trimble GPS unit. This exceeded our expectations and we are excited to move forward into implementing an array of these units.”
  • Siemens Intelligent Traffic Solutions (now Yunex Traffic) has been our launch customer for the PiGNSS precise positioning device and service.
  • For Austrian Airlines we established a programme assessing their operations within a new terminal building by developing and employing a novel super-fast discrete operations simulation system together with TXware. This was later extended to include staff planning of ground operations.
  • For A1 Group we helped in the design and implementation of an Internal Control System (ICS) to achieve compliance to the Sarbanes-Oxley-Act in A1 Austria and its subsidiaries in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Belarus.
  • For A1 Austria we helped designing and implementing the GAIT methodology for streamlining the ITGC implementation of the SOX-compliant ICS, as well as conducting a Segregation of Duties (SoD) analysis of some of the IT systems in SOX scope.
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