If you need support with one of our products, please have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions. Only in case you are not able to find a sufficient answer there, you may contact us at s.nosp@m.u.nosp@m.p.nosp@m.p.nosp@m.o.nosp@m.r.nosp@m.t.nosp@m.@.nosp@m.d.nosp@m.r.nosp@m.f.nosp@m.a.nosp@m.s.nosp@m.c.nosp@m.h.nosp@m.i.nosp@m.n.nosp@m.g.nosp@m...nosp@m.c.nosp@m.o.nosp@m.m. Please note that we cannot support any software we are not responsible for (e.g. Raspbian OS, RTKLIB, etc.).

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