Dr. Fasching offers consulting and design services for various industries and sectors. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.


  • Telecommunications and Mobile Operators
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Energy and Environment
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics and Equipment Manufacturers


  • Software requirements analysis, specification, design, implementation, test, and operations
  • Hardware requirements analysis, specification, design, realisation, prototyping, test, and manufacturing management


Dr. Fasching offers a broad range of consulting services in the governance, risk, and compliance areas. Together with Graser Consulting we also developed relevant e-Learnings e.g. ITGC Basics for IT-related controls of an Internal Control System (ICS). Together with Graser Consulting we support management in GRC topics, especially in managing compliance within the finance and IT departments. Have a look at the services offered and industries we work with.

Additionally, we offer our services and experience in general management topics:

  • Product — Programme — Project — Process — People Management
  • Business Processes — Organisation — Technology
  • Vision — Mission — Strategy — Portfolio
  • Management Science — Operations Research

Internet Glue

You operate an OS/390 mainframe legacy application administered on 3270 terminals you need to bring on the Internet?

Your AS/400 needs to automatically update data in an Excel spreadsheet on a Windows share and post the results to SAP?

Your need live production data from your last-century analog production machinery online in an RDBMS for big data analysis, and don’t want to engage in a large Industry 4.0 project?

You need to automatically gather data from hundreds of offline sites with limited communication possibilities and power supply using IoT devices?

Glue code, glue hardware, and our services and expertise to the rescue. Our decade-long experience with all kinds of legacy systems and applications, as well as in-depth knowledge of many programming languages and hardware technologies will help you build a specialized and cost-effective solution for your business. Contact us to discuss your specific problem.

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