This page lists all software offered for download. The ownership and license terms are either stated within the relevant section describing the software, or included in a license file within the software package. Please respect those licenses.

How to install

Packages shipped as gzipped TAR archives may be installed at a suitable location using tar xzvf <filename.tgz>. Note that the files will be unpacked in your current working directory, so change to a suitable location (e.g. your home directory, or /root) before unpacking.

Packages shipped as DEBIAN packages may be installed directly using dpkg -i <packagename.deb>. These will automatically be installed within the system, and may be removed later using dpkg -r <packagename>. You may inspect the contents of a Debian package with dpkg --info <packagename.deb> and dpkg --contents <packagename.deb> prior to installing.

RasPiGNSS “Aldebaran” Tools

  • Description: Tools for use with the RasPiGNSS “Aldebaran” module based on the NVS NV08C-CSM GNSS chip.
  • Website:
  • Author: Franz Fasching
  • License: GPLv2

rpgtools_39_all.debDEBIAN package28540 bytes
rpgtools_38_all.debDEBIAN package28532 bytes
rpgtools_35_all.debDEBIAN package28540 bytes
rpgtools_33_all.debDEBIAN package25888 bytes
rpgtools_32_all.debDEBIAN package25084 bytes
rpgtools_26_all.debDEBIAN package24844 bytes
rpgtools_25_all.debDEBIAN package23544 bytes
rpgtools_24_all.debDEBIAN package22016 bytes
rpgtools_23_all.debDEBIAN package18236 bytes
rpgtools_22_all.debDEBIAN package18242 bytes
rpgtools_20_all.debDEBIAN package18234 bytes
rpgtools-39.tgzgzipped TAR28113 bytes
rpgtools-38.tgzgzipped TAR28113 bytes
rpgtools-35.tgzgzipped TAR28113 bytes
rpgtools-33.tgzgzipped TAR24843 bytes
rpgtools-32.tgzgzipped TAR24463 bytes
rpgtools-26.tgzgzipped TAR24002 bytes
rpgtools-25.tgzgzipped TAR23185 bytes
rpgtools-24.tgzgzipped TAR18648 bytes
rpgtools-22.tgzgzipped TAR18648 bytes
rpgtools-20.tgzgzipped TAR20673 bytes
rpgtools-19.tgzgzipped TAR20463 bytes
rpgtools-17.tgzgzipped TAR20547 bytes
rpgtools-11.tgzgzipped TAR13367 bytes
rpgtools-10.tgzgzipped TAR11047 bytes

RasPiGNSS “Betelgeuse” and “Copernicus” Tools

  • Description: Tools for use with the RasPiGNSS “Betelgeuse” and “Copernicus” modules based on the µBlox ZED-F9P and NEO-M8T GNSS chips respectively.
  • Website:
  • Author: Franz Fasching
  • License: GPLv2

ubxtools_39_all.debDEBIAN package80060 bytes
ubxtools_38_all.debDEBIAN package80096 bytes
ubxtools_35_all.debDEBIAN package79936 bytes
ubxtools-39.tgzgzipped TAR100715 bytes
ubxtools-38.tgzgzipped TAR100712 bytes
ubxtools-35.tgzgzipped TAR34171 bytes

BCM2835 library for Raspberry Pi

  • Description: A library to access the peripherals of the Broadcom BCM2835 chip as used in the Raspberry Pi.
  • Website:
  • Author: Mike McCauley
  • License: GPLv2

libbcm2835_1.71_armhf.debDEBIAN package73844 bytes
libbcm2835_1.68_armhf.debDEBIAN package67644 bytes
libbcm2835_1.60_armhf.debDEBIAN package61408 bytes
libbcm2835_1.56_armhf.debDEBIAN package51578 bytes
libbcm2835_1.50_armhf.debDEBIAN package44496 bytes

Perl binding for BCM2835 library for Raspberry Pi

  • Description: The Perl binding for libbcm2835 to access the Broadcom BCM2835 chip from Perl.
  • Website:
  • Author: Mike McCauley
  • License: Perl Artistic License
  • Note: Choose the appropriate version for your Debian release.

libdevice-bcm2835-perl_1.9_armhf_stretch.debDEBIAN package56472 bytes
libdevice-bcm2835-perl_1.9_armhf_buster.debDEBIAN package56644 bytes
libdevice-bcm2835-perl_1.9_armhf.debDEBIAN package56452 bytes
libdevice-bcm2835-perl_1.94_armhf_buster.debDEBIAN package88740 bytes
libdevice-bcm2835-perl_1.94_armhf_bullseye.debDEBIAN package88844 bytes

RKTLIB CUI tools for Raspberry Pi

  • Description: RKTLIB command-line tools for use with the Raspberry Pi
  • Website
  • Author: Tomoji Takasu
  • License: BSD 2-clause

rtklib_2.4.2p4_armhf.debDEBIAN package999030 bytes
rtklib-2.4.2p4-rpi.tgzgzipped TAR2647078 bytes

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