New rpgtools version released

A new version of the rpgtools package is available in the Downloads section. There’s almost no change on the tools itself, but the post installation script now tries to setup the Raspberry Pi also, meaning that it removes references to serial0 from /boot/cmdline.txt and sets up /boot/config.txt to load the pi3-miniuart-bt overlay. The most significant change however is that thanks to the availability of the gpio command, the RasPiGNSS can now be fully set up and initialized from /boot/config.txt. The obvious advantage is that the NV08C-CSM is already starting up while the Raspbian OS boots on the Raspberry Pi. Thus you need not wait the usual 7-8 seconds until the NV08C-CSM starts accepting NMEA commands, but can start switching it to BINR mode and work with it without a further nvsctl init. The latter now checks if the RasPiGNSS module has been initialized via /boot/config.txt already (if gpio=18=op,dh for the RESET line is present there), and does nothing if that’s the case. Note however that you can still enforce a hard reset with nvsctl reset during operation, which still will sleep for some seconds to allow the NV08C-CSM to initialize after the reset up to a point where it’s accepting NMEA commands again.

NOTE: The installation page still contains a detailed description of how to set up the RasPiGNSS manually on the Raspberry Pi.

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