Dr. Franz Fasching designs, develops and manages IT and telecommunications solutions since 1984. Additionally, Dr. Fasching is experienced in the Programme, Project, and Process Management disciplines, as well as in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance areas. The company Dr. Franz Fasching was founded in 2007. You can find Dr. Fasching’s profile on XING and LinkedIn.

You may contact Dr. Fasching via E-Mail at o.nosp@m.f.nosp@m.f.nosp@m.i.nosp@m.c.nosp@m.e.nosp@m.@.nosp@m.d.nosp@m.r.nosp@m.f.nosp@m.a.nosp@m.s.nosp@m.c.nosp@m.h.nosp@m.i.nosp@m.n.nosp@m.g.nosp@m...nosp@m.c.nosp@m.o.nosp@m.m.

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