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Compatibility testing with Raspberry Pi 3 completed

Compatibility testing with the new Raspberry Pi 3 model B has just been completed. The RasPiGNSS “Aldebaran” module is fully compatible to the Raspberry Pi 3. Since there was a hardware change on the Raspberry Pi 3 concerning the serial port on the P1 GPIO header, some configuration work needs to be done in order to make the RasPiGNSS work. The installation section has been updated to reflect this change. Please carefully read and follow these instructions in case you want to use the RasPiGNSS on a Pi 3.

Posted by Franz Fasching on Fri, 11 Mar 2016

RasPiGNSS "Aldebaran" available

We are happy to announce that the RasPiGNSS “Aldebaran” device is now readily available for ordering in our webshop at the same price as its predecessor. See here for specifications and ordering information.

Posted by Franz Fasching on Tue, 8 Mar 2016

RasPiGNSS successor "Aldebaran" in production

We are excited to announce that the successor of the successful RasPiGNSS “Cook” device is now in production. The RasPiGNSS “Aldebaran” GNSS expansion board exhibits the same features - and some more - as the “Cook” device, while staying nearly 100% hardware- and software compatible. The only omission is the magnetic reed contact, which has hardly ever been used. The board design has been improved to fit the layout of the Raspberry Pi A+ and B+ models, such that it can now be stacked and even secured with mounting screws and spacers directly to the Raspberry Pi board.

The RasPiGNSS “Aldebaran” features:

  • The latest version of the NVS NV08C-CSM GNSS chip (currently v4.1), compatible with the GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and BEIDOU satellite systems.
  • Three red/yellow/green status LEDs, now with improved luminosity.
  • Two tactile push-buttons.
  • A connector to the second UART port of the NV08C-CSM, allowing external connection to other devices needing position information, e.g. for drones.
  • A display connector allowing the connection of a HD44780-compatible LCD display, e.g. for immediate position and status display on the device itself.
  • An I2C connector allowing the connection of any I2C device like RTCs, IMUs, ADCs, etc., with nearly endless possibilities. I2C pull-up resistors are also provided, which may be enabled through solder jumpers on the board if needed.
  • An SPI connector allowing the connection of any SPI device like ethernet or WiFi cards, generic MCU programming, etc.

We will publish information on how to use all those new exciting features of the board after the board is available for purchase. We expect the RasPiGNSS “Aldebaran” to be available for purchase in the online shop within the next few weeks - all at the same price as the previous RasPiGNSS module. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to inquire.

Posted by Franz Fasching on Thu, 25 Feb 2016

New release of RasPiGNSS tools

A new version of the RasPiGNSS tools has just been released, which now features the addition of a nmeaparse command that provides a live view of the receiver solution status, errors, and satellites in view and used for computation of the solution. This enables to get a quick overview of the satellite constellation as well as receiver and antenna performance. Find more information about this new tool in the installation and FAQ sections.

Posted by Franz Fasching on Sun, 24 Jan 2016

RasPiGNSS in stock again

Good news today: the new batch of RasPiGNSS modules arrived today. And even better news: The new RasPiGNSS (codenamed “Cook” after the famous navigator James Cook) now features the new NV08C-CSM version 4.1 hardware - a major improvement, as there’s firmware available that enables GALILEO reception besides GPS and GLONASS. And guess what: You’ll get all that at the same price tag.

Posted by Franz Fasching on Thu, 16 Jul 2015