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FfPraxis is a praxis management program providing comprehensive administration capabilities for therapists (physio, psycho, music, ergo, etc.) of all kinds. It allows to manage clients, appointments, documentation, and invoices. Through its web-based user interface it may be used throughout a client session for online documentation on a tablet, but may be used on the move on mobile phones as well, e.g. for arranging client appointments. There is no need to install FfPraxis on a device prior to using it. It is hosted on secured servers either on the Internet or on your premises in a dedicated mini-server, and accessed over a secure encrypted connection.

The following modules are provided by FfPraxis:

A demo version may be provided upon request. If you are interested in FfPraxis please contact info.nosp@m.@drf.nosp@m.aschin.nosp@m.g.co.nosp@m.m.


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