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CE certification

CE As part of the Π-GNSS device, the RasPiGNSS expansion board is CE-certified and tested against the EN-55022 Class B and EN-55024 European standards.

RasPiGNSS expansion port (P1) connections

Pin Symbol Description
1 +3.3V Power supply to NV08C digital I/O
2 +5V Analog and digital power supply
4 +5V Analog and digital power supply
6 GND Ground
7 SW1 Tactile switch 1
8 RX1 Serial receive of NV08C
10 TX1 Serial transmit of NV08C
11 SW2 Tactile switch 2
12 RST Reset of NV08C
15 LED1 Red indicator LED
16 LED2 Yellow indicator LED
18 LED3 Green indicator LED
22 REED Magnetic REED switch

Note: LEDs or switches are not controlled by the NV08C, all I/Os are fully programmable from the RasPi. All LEDs are low-power types, i.e. they draw about 2mA each, thus can be driven from the RasPi directly. Configure pins 15, 16, and 18 as outputs and set them high to switch them on. All switches and the reed contact are directly wired to ground. Enable pullups on pins 7, 11, and 22 and do debouncing in software to read them correctly.


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