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RasPiGNSS successor "Aldebaran" in production

We are excited to announce that the successor of the successful RasPiGNSS “Cook” device is now in production. The RasPiGNSS “Aldebaran” GNSS expansion board exhibits the same features - and some more - as the “Cook” device, while staying nearly 100% hardware- and software compatible. The only omission is the magnetic reed contact, which has hardly ever been used. The board design has been improved to fit the layout of the Raspberry Pi A+ and B+ models, such that it can now be stacked and even secured with mounting screws and spacers directly to the Raspberry Pi board.

The RasPiGNSS “Aldebaran” features:

We will publish information on how to use all those new exciting features of the board after the board is available for purchase. We expect the RasPiGNSS “Aldebaran” to be available for purchase in the online shop within the next few weeks - all at the same price as the previous RasPiGNSS module. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to inquire.